The value of home staging?

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"Would you give me two thusand dollars if I told you I'd give you thirty to fifty thousand back?"

Real estate agents say home staging is a must-do if you want your house to sell for top dollar.

There's little to no scientific research that proves fitting out your home with designer furniture will put tens of thousands of dollars above RV into your pocket, but the anecdotal evidence is plentiful and persuasive.

It goes a little something like this: A poorly decorated or empty abode sat on the market for several months, without even a nibble of interest. It got flicked to another, savvier agent, who insisted upon $1500 worth of staging. Within days, the gussied up property sold for fifty thousand plus over it's estimated value.

Real estate agents around the country estimate home staging adds five to seven per cent above RV to a house sale.

Like all investments, home staging carries an element of risk and the size of the return is not guaranteed. But unlike stock market shares, there's an element of perception in quantifying that return.

So we asked some experienced agents whether they buy it.

"Unfortunately, buyers just don't have vision," says Marty Ritchie of Harcourts Paremata.

The average person can't look at an empty space and envisage the next year of their life. They can see where a dining table, or couch might go, but not how their dinner parties or evenings may look.

"Your return on home staging would be in the vicinity of three to five times the investment cost - easily - because the whole emotional side of it is transformed," says Ritchie.

That return translates to a figure between $30,000 and $50,000, depending on the size of the house. In some extraordinary cases, it might reach hundreds of thousands.

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  • Thank you for the absolutely amazing job - the place looks fabulous. In fact, it's so good that we've sold already! Many thanks!
  • From the moment I made my initial enquiry through to the day the furniture was removed the staff at The Look were a pleasure to deal with. Kate was very approachable and listened to my ideas, translated them perfectly and added her special touch, I couldn’t have been happier.
    Melanie, Takapuna
  • I have to admit I was initially skeptical about home staging, but the results are just superb and worth every penny. Congratulations again on a great job.
    Richard, Titirangi
  • I would just like to say thanks so much for such a fabulous job you have done on staging our house. You have completely transformed it and I can't believe it could look so fantastic. This has by far been the best money I have spent on the house and it makes the house look like a million dollar property.Thanks again and I will look forward to using you next time.