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Make over your entire home with a stunning complete home staging scheme. By filling your blank canvas of a home with beautifully co-ordinated furniture and finishing touches, we can create a look and feel to win over potential buyers in an instant.


homestaging_icon2.pngWhy Home Staging?

Ready to sell your home? A real estate agent will help you price it competitively, but every agent knows that what makes a house sell is its presentation.

  • Home staging can sell your home faster and for a higher value.
  • We'll develop a tailored plan to create "The Look" that will suit both your property and the people buying.
  • Our huge range of designer furniture and accessories will highlight your house's best features and create a space that buyers can't help but want to own!

homestaging_icon3.pngAdditional Home Staging Services


Have The Look style part of your home using a combination of your furniture and ours. We can help you turn a study into a bedroom, a bedroom into a second lounge or any other concept you desire.


Over time, houses seem to attract "things," whether for good or bad. We can work with you to declutter, or reconfigure rooms in order best present your property.


It's the little touches that make a big difference.

  • Our quality accessories give an air of class that "doing it on the cheap" just can't achieve, ensuring your house attracts quality buyers.
  • With everything from rugs, original artworks, photo frames, and vases through to bathroom and kitchen accessories, we can turn a house into a home with just a few small additions.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost to stage my home?
Our peak season prices start at $2895 + GST for 5 weeks for an average 2 bedroom house or apartment. This is an all-inclusive price for 2 bedrooms, 1 lounge, 1 dining room, bathroom and a kitchen. We’re always happy to tailor a price to best suit your needs and are available to meet you or your real estate agent on site at a convenient time to listen to your needs and provide you with a free, no obligation quote.
What does the staging include?
Our price includes all preparation, styling, transportation, maintenance, insurance, packup and removal. It also includes all the furniture and accessories we install in your home. There are no hidden costs and we guarantee the price that we quote.
How long does it take to stage a home?
It will generally take us 4-5 hours to stage an average 3 bedroom home onsite. This doesn’t include the initial consultation or the offsite preparation time.
Can you work with my furniture?
Generally yes, we can do an enhancement using your furniture augmented by some of ours. It is preferable that we use entirely ours so we can ensure colours, styles and accessories all match to create a scheme that perfectly complements your house. Unfortunately, from time to time in our peak months, we are unfortunately unable to do enhancements due to work load. We also have limits as to the amount of staging that can be done should the property be lived in, particularly when children or animals are present.
How much preparation time do you need?
We can often stage a house the next day in an emergency. However we don’t recommend this. It’s best to talk to us at least 2 weeks or more prior to going to market so we can ensure that we have adequate time for preparation and planning.
Can I buy the furniture?
Yes, most of the items we use in Home Staging can be sold to you or your buyers. We also import a great range of designer furniture that we can sell to you at preferential prices.
Where do you operate?
We’re based in the centre of Auckland but we regularly stage homes and holiday houses from Omaha to the Waikato and Tauranga.
Why shouldn't I just stage it myself?
Your house is generally the most valuable asset you’ll ever own and the sale and purchase of it is often the most expensive transaction you will make. Consequently it’s most important that it’s marketed and presented by an expert. Our team of trained professionals are in touch with market trends and know how to create a sense of continuity and space to best appeal to the buyers you will be selling to. We can approach your house objectively and with the knowledge and experience of what your buyers are looking for.
Can I choose the furniture you stage it with?
You are most welcome to visit our warehouse and showroom on Maidstone Street and discuss with us the way you want it presented and the items you would prefer. The final choice will be made by our stylists in consultation with you to create the perfect scheme.
What styles can you stage?
We can accommodate any style and size of house. We have a 16000 square foot warehouse full of modern, contemporary, classical and oriental furniture that will ensure that any home can be styled to suit any buyer.
Do I need insurance?
We insure all of our furniture; however you will still need insurance for your house and property.
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